Gardening & Landscaping Tools

Weed Shield Landscape Fabric

Weed Shield premium landscape fabric is a patented multi-layered fabric. It allows air, water and nutrients through to the plant roots while keeping 99.9% of weeds out.

8x8 Tamper

Used to compact and level soil, asphalt, and gravel. 

10x10 Tamper

Used to compact and level soil, asphalt, and gravel.


Holland GreenHouse 3-Tine Cultivator features 42? wood handle, 3 adjustable steel tines, and steel socket.

Round Point Shovel

Corona #2 Round Point Shovel features:

  • 14-gauge tempered steel blade for superior toughness
  • Sharpened blade edge penetrates ground easily
  • Large forward-turned steps for firmer footing
  • Extended widow's peak socket add strength for a secure connection
  • Baked finish protects against rust

Landscaping Rake

Specifically designed for landscapers, this rake features:

  • Aluminum/magnesium construction for durability
  • Large grading edge and rounded teeth for field maintenance
  • One side rakes, the other side levels
  • 36" width, 66" length