Coast Aggregates offers all types of screened, crushed and washed aggregate products.

Road Base Products

25mm (1”) Road Base

Used for driveways and road construction, good for compacting. Also called Granular Pipe Bedding.

19mm (3/4”) MMCD Spec. Road Base

Municipal specifications road base. Used when projects have material specifications, used under asphalt pavement.

75mm (3”) SGSB Road Base

Compactable road base used for general construction and road building.

Drain Rock Products

Birds Eye (1.5mm to 4mm)

Washed, decorative rock for landscaping applications.

25mm (1”) Clear Crush

Unwashed fractured drain rock. Used in drainage applications.

50mm (2”) Clear Crush

Unwashed fractured rock with some natural round rock.

Granite Products

1/4” Manufactured Fines

Manufactured Fines are perfect for building foot paths and trails.

Landscape Boulders

2' to 4' natural boulders make a great feature in your garden or yard.  

12mm Clear Crush Granite

16mm Clear Crush Granite

Concrete Aggregates

10mm Washed Round Rock

20mm Washed Stone