We pride ourselves on producing and selling top quality sand, gravel, decorative rock, and top soil.

Sand Products

Washed Concrete Sand

A course washed sand, mainly used in concrete. Can also be used in sand boxes and many other home applications.

Please call for availability.

Bedding Sand

$30/yard or $2/pail

Coarse unwashed sand used for bedding pipes and paving stones.

Import Masonry Sand

$70/yard or $7/pail

A fine, washed sand used by masons. It is also used in playground sand boxes. Sometimes used to top dress lawns and sports fields. Also used for laying paving stones.

Please call for availability.

Winter Sand

Used for sanding roads in the winter.

This product is not available in our Landscape Depot year-round. Please call for availability.

Construction Sand

$32.50/yard or $2/pail

This is a washed-sand that is used primarily around and in between paving stones. This is also the sand we blend in with our soil products.