Bark Mulch

Aged Bark Mulch

$67.00/yard or $5.00/pail

Aged mulch is a dark brown mulch, screened to 3/8" minus and is used to top dress flower and garden beds. It is composed from a mix of hemlock and fir.    *Prices subject to change *

Bright Bark Mulch

$67.00/yard or $5.00/pail

The bright bark mulch is red to brown in color, and is screened to 1" minus.  It is used to topdress flower and garden beds and is a blend of cedar, hemlock and fir. It helps with weed-suppression and water retention.   *Prices subject to change *

Cedar Wood Chips

$62.00/yard or $5.00/pail

These cedar wood chips are an unwashed product that would be great around your cedar trees, shrubs or on pathways. Roughly 1-2" in size.   *Prices subject to change *