Decorative & Landscape Rocks

Birdseye (1.5mm-3.5mm)

$32.00/yard or $2.25/pail

Washed, decorative rock for landscaping applications.

15mm Exposed Import

$95.00/yard or $6.75/pail

Washed, round rock can be used in landscaping for decorative applications

1” to 3” River Rock (Imported)

$74.25/yard or $6.25/pail

Round river rock, ranging in size from 1" to 3". This colourful rock is great for filling in garden beds. This image is shown after it has been washed and wet - please note this product does not come washed. Limited quantities, please call for availability.

1” to 6” Mamquam River Rock

41.50/yard or 3.25/pail

Locally sourced natural river rock ranging in size from 1" to 6". Available by delivery only. Please call for pricing.

Landscape Boulders

Also called Natural Overs, these large boulders range in size and colour and can become the focal point of your garden. Please call for pricing.