Both of our top soil products are made with composted greenwaste and foodwaste, and are free from bio-solids.

Garden Soil

Organic Garden Blend

$76.00/yard or $6.00/pail

This dark, rich soil is ideal for all types of plants, and is also suitable for your vegetable garden. Blended with washed sand, the compost amender is high in beneficial organic matter and micro-nutrients.   *Prices subject to change *

Organic Compost Amender

$68/yard or $6.00/pail

Our premium compost soil amender is a very dynamic and versatile product. This nutrient-rich compost is widely used to increase the organic matter and both micro and macro nutrients in existing soils, and sand products that are nutrient deficient. This compost is certified organic by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). Made from locally recycled organics, including kitchen scraps and yard trimmings.   *Prices subject to change *

Commercial Grade Turf Blend

$73.75/yard or $5.00/pail

Turf blend is used for seeding, and sodding lawns. It is the ideal product for lawns, parks, golf courses and grass sports fields.  Turf Blend provides stability and drainage to maintain a consistent, level lawn.   *Prices subject to change *

Commercial Grade Garden Blend

$73.75/yard or $5.00/pail

Garden Blend is ideal for starting fresh flowerbeds and gardens. This product provides nutrient-rich soil with the right amount of drainage for healthy plant roots.   *Prices subject to change *

Commercial Grade Amender/Compost

$64.75/yard or $5.00/pail

This product is made from composted woodwaste & greenwaste.  It is naturally heated to 55 degrees Celsius to destroy weed seeds and pathogens.  Appropriate uses include: top dressing gardens & flower beds and for adding nutrients to existing soils.  *To be mixed in to the native soil*   *Prices subject to change *