Bark Mulch

Aged Bark Mulch

$48.75/yard or $3.75/pail

Aged mulch is a dark brown mulch, screened to 3/8" minus and is used to top dress flower and garden beds. It is composed from a mix of hemlock and fir. 

Bright Bark Mulch

$48.75/yard or $3.75/pail

The bright bark mulch is red to brown in color, and is screened to 1" minus.  It is used to topdress flower and garden beds and is a blend of cedar, hemlock and fir. It helps with weed-suppression and water retention.

Cedar Wood Chips

$46.50/yard or $3.75/pail

These cedar wood chips are an unwashed product that would be great around your cedar trees, shrubs or on pathways. Roughly 1-2" in size.

Bark Nuggets

$59/yard or $4.75/pail

Used for a of variety mulching projects, bark nuggets provide weed control and help with water retention much like bark mulch, only these are composed mostly of fire bark. The larger size of the nuggets (between 2-5") adds an appealing visual element to your landscaping projects.