We offer two main types of garden soil in our Squamish Landscape Depot: organic blend and commercial grade.

The organic soil offers a higher nutrient level and is made from composted materials including food scraps and yard waste.  The organic material is a good product for residential gardens and growing vegetables. The organic soil is guaranteed weed free and has zero e-coli or fecal matter.

You may find small remnants of plastic, like fruit labels, in your organic soil, which cannot be broken down in the composting process. This is unfortunate, but until these plastics are removed from the compost stream they may continue to show up in your soil.

The commercial garden blend is made from composted green waste including tree stumps and lumber, and can be used in gardens, flower beds, and for growing grass. It is naturally heated to 55 degrees Celsius to destroy weeds, seeds, and pathogens.